Caribana Recap 2019


Caribana Recap


Toronto Carnival Season 2019 was one to remember.

The #SpiceFam was alllllll ova! We hosted a few pop up dance workshops, performed at a few private events, and had tv spots on

both Breakfast Television (view here) and CP24 (view here).

Met Preedy, Kerwin Dubois, and Jillionaire, saw Blaxx, Tallpree and Shal Marshal perform live, won section of the year at Friday Night Mas, and hit the carnival road with the Carnival Spice ladies. Twas a time!

What I loved most:

  • THE STAGE!!! For the first time ever, Toronto Carnival featured an elevated stage. If you followed my blog over the years, you’ll know that I’ve BEEN suggesting this! I didn’t get to see the stage in person, but based on photos and video floating around the net it looked awesome!

  • Meeting the Real Housewives of Atlanta was pretty cool too. In addition to being a huge fan of the show, I’m so happy I could share my culture with them! ...Gahhh! That’s all I can say for now.

  • The King and Queen competition had a great vibe this year. Speeches were LONG, but kudos to MC SKF for keeping the crowd’s energy up. I personally enjoyed the performance by Lil Natty & Thunda but the audience was tough. Lol. Twas clearly a trini crowd. Congratulations to all the winners. My favourite was this year’s queen from Toronto Revellers! Her costumed radiated the moment the lights hit it on the stage.

  • Big up Cantu Beauty for giving away full sized products from their hair care line on the road!!! They had a tent set up and offered hair tips, products, and more.

Least favourite moments:

  • The same day I was on Breakfast Television dozens of people forwarded me a CBC article where my photo was used to promote a campaign that I had no affiliation with. I suspect a band who I modelled previously for submitted the photo without my knowledge. This is SUPER frustrating considering they could and SHOULD have used photos from their 2019 season! Plus I personally don’t support the campaign in relation to carnival. Apparently topless masqueraders were to appear at the parade this year - cool, do your thing but leave me out of it. I advocate for cultural arts and the history of mas… which in my opinion doesn’t correlate with being nude.

  • Although I commend Shea Moisture Canada for hosting a fun filled & educational event surrounding black women and black hair, I’m quite disappointed that the featured Caribbean Carnival models/dancers they used didn’t reflect their audience! In my opinion, if you are hosting a Caribbean Carnival event hiring samba performers as the entertainment is a miss. An even bigger bonus would have been if they used black models. They had photo booth activations at some of the costume launches earlier in the year - why not hire one of the models from the show??? There were so many models/dancers to choose from… And nooo, I’m not salty that Carnival Spice wasn’t called - lololol. I’m simply mentioning this so they can do better next time around.

  • Lack of attractions along the parade route was a big miss by the festival organizers. I understand that the Grand Parade is suppose to have masqueraders and spectators - HOWEVER, sadly the mentality in Toronto is that Caribana is a street party and the issue of “storming” exists year after year. I feel like if their were more attractions along the route it would redirect people out of the parade. I commend initiatives like the Winedown Festival and Island Mix for hosting limes along the sidelines; those events visibly made an impact on the amount of congestion on the route.

Now that we finally have a stage I may consider playing mas again in Toronto… I would only be open to partnering with a section leader or band who is trying to push the culture forward and respects their masqueraders. When I play, I roll DEEP; so I’m especially mindful that everyone who plays with me has a great time.

It has been heartbreaking seeing all the recent press regarding poor masquerader experiences! Negative media attention doesn’t just affect the band in fire it effects the entire festival and carnival community.

Let’s all vow to do better.


Did you play mas? How’d you like your costume? The band? The new route?

Did you just fete? What was your fave party?

Did you escape and go to the cottage?

Let me know in the comments?

Introducing Carnival Spice 2019



Carnival Spice 2019

When most hear my name they cannot help but think of Caribbean Carnival. WHY? Well, aside from me being a proud Jamaican Canadian, in 2013 I founded CARNIVAL SPICE fitness, entertainment, and community. The company was launched with an intention to bring movement to beautiful mas costumes through dance performances and costume showcases. I am forever grateful for how much it has grown! Many artists of color have come through our doors and blossomed into beaming talent. Our fitness clients continue dance, sweat, connect, and transform to the Caribbean vibes. Plus we’ve touched a variety of stages from television, to weddings, to festivals and more. 

Allow me to introduce you to the 2019 team members:






















To learn more about the company or to add some spice to your special event visit

You may have seen Carnival Spice in action with:

City TV



Alison HInds

Toronto Star

G987 FM Radio

Jambana One World Festival

Grace Kennedy Foods

Ryerson University

Breakfast Television.

Jamaal Magloire’s Toronto Revellers

Saldenah Mas K Club

and more.


2018 In Review


2018 In Review

Let us reflect on the lessons and celebrate the wins.

For many, 2018 was tough! I received so many messages from folks who were ready to leave it behind. To a degree, I understand! There even came a point when I stopped watching the news.  For me however, 2018 was the most transformational year of my life thus far. At the start of each year I select one word to help guide my intentions for the next 364 days. For 2018 I was on a quest for PEACE.

2018 answered the call immediately! Things kicked off with continued celebrations for my 30th birthday, preparations for my company’s fifth anniversary, and boom, in walks one of the greatest men I’ve ever met. Joy to the world! The future I envisioned was changing and this required a new action plan. So where do I start?

To maintain peace in my eyes meant to work smarter not harder. I’m accustomed to completing a million tasks a day, jumping here, typing there, driving to the next class, or the next gig. But nah, not for 2018. I wasn’t eager to jump in to my normal work routine. I was intentional about slowing down to figure out next steps. Better steps. Smarter steps. Definitely needed to lean on my faith for direction! The moment I did that, everything changed. God revealed so much I needed to know and the world as I knew it flipped upside down. Was the experience bad? Nope! Painful? Sometimes. Uncomfortable? VERY! ...but here I am today on the other side of healing with so much gratitude, strength,and lessons. Instead of focusing on the discomforts and hardships of 2018, let us remember the year we lived, learned and LEVELED up… with or without Ciara’s dance.

Speaking of Ciara she made a comeback and added to the Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy that flooded 2018. I still get chills when I reflect on Beyonce’s Coachella performance and the fact that Michelle Obama wrote the #1 selling book of 2018 with BECOMING! My sister Siobhan Bent became an author too and co-wrote the book 13 Steps!! Jada, Willow, & Gam opened up our hearts with the Red Table Talk. Meghan Markle and her mom sprinkled melanin all over Buckingham palace...

We could not stop dancing in 2018. Ding Dong and the ravers crew made Dancehall NICE again! Mi nuh tiyad YET fi fling, genna bounce, and lebeh lebeh. @iamzoie had EVERYONE twerking on Fridays… Aliya Janell went on tour, and both lucian & vincy music dominated the soca airwaves and carnival waistlines...

and last but not least, we cannot discuss 2018 without the historical, box office breaking, Michael B Jordon shining, vibranium oozing, BLACK PANTHER!!!!

Some of my personal favourite moments in 2018 were:

The Surprise Party my family through for me TWO weeks after my birthday!

I am still shooketh and can’t believe they pulled it off! Look at my cake ya’ll!

My Babies SMASHING their waltz on Breakfast Television and at their annual gala!

I am the dance program coordinator for the Trust 15 organization. They provide youth in the Rexdale/North Etobicoke area with programs that promote and facilitate positive behaviour, creative expression, and cooperative working skills. Love my babies!!! The team was challenged with the task of learning the waltz for the annual gala. Not only did they SMASH the appearance we did together on Breakfast Television (Watch HERE) but they DELIVERED on show day and brought me to tears! That evening we all elevated together.

Aug. 3rd: The day went in this order Spice interview on CP24 --> Spice appearance for Tweed, Shakera and friends attend Friday Night Mas night parade at Ontario Place → 4 hours sleep → Caribana 2018 at the Exhibition.

I can’t put this day into words. The Carnival Spice calendar was full and so was my heart! The team and I worked, filmed live interviews, and played mas twice! I’m still sore… but oh the memories

Power of Success Conference where I met THE Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins knows my name all! This is probably THE WORST picture of me but I don’t care. This day shifted me at my core.

Having been in the carnival scene for over 10 years, I’ve seen and experienced so many memories and great lessons. However, on December 29th, 2019 I announced that I will no longer be taking any carnival entertainment bookings or teaching any Carnival Spice drop in classes.  Watch the full video to LEARN WHY HERE)

Although a tough decision, it’s also very freeing! I embrace all the new opportunities flowing my way and will continue my work in developing aspiring artists of color and on a professional platform where their spirits, beauty, and talent can shine. But best believe if Machel or Bunji calls and says they need me in Trinidad to perform, I WILL BE THERE - FEATHERS IN HAND!

Culture is so important to me, and Carnival Spice allowed me to express that. We celebrated Carnival Spice’s 5th birthday, website relaunch, and first company audition in 2018. Even had a repost from Kes the Band for my choreography to their smash single HELLO (Watch Here - it’s at 15, 000 views! ). When I founded the company, I had no idea that it would be what it is today. From festivals, to birthdays, to weddings, the SPICE could be found all over the GTA and your social media timelines. The connections that have blossomed among the #SpiceFam members is also a major highlight; I can’t express how heartwarming it is to see my clients and team members bond both in and outside of class. I look forward to what’s next for the Carnival Spice community.



Xoxo & Wakanda Forever,