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Hi - I’m Shakera!


Welcome to my online space It is dedicated to encouraging you to live happier and healthier lifestyles through your energy and passions. It will provide positive lifestyle content that can inspire, motivate, or educate you throughout your journey. Here you will also gain access to the services I offer through my passion pillars! (Identify your passion pillars here)

Women who have been on similar journeys as me is where I focus my work; as I am better equipped to support them. I am also dedicated to working with youth that have had a similar upbringing as me to really drive the message that it does not matter where you come from, hard work, and passion can lead to a successful outcome.

I am blessed to have transformed my passion for dance into a business, a lifestyle, and a source of inspiration for others. My appreciation for movement and it’s long - term benefits beautifully developed into a desire to take their passions to the next level too!


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Individuals who may not have seen ability in themselves, go through my process resulting in a completed goal, or feelings of strength and more confidence. 

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My mission is to use my voice to uplift, educate, and empower my audience. Some of my most requested topics include wellness, cultural perspectives, and my journey as a female entrepreneur.

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I have proudly collaborated with a variety of brands that positively impact the lives of my community. If your brand or organization shares the same passion and values as me, let’s connect.


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Dance is a passion pillar of mine. I am not a technical dancer by any means nor do I believe I am choreographic genius. However, when I dance, I have a strong ability to connect with my audience. They FEEL something that can’t be ignored. I light something up in them! When I teach, my purpose is to share that light… and for my clients to learn how to create a similar light on their own. There’s an energy in my sessions that fires people up! It motivates, excites, and creates a confidence in participants that they may never have tapped in to before. Participants carry that energy with them and THAT changes how they show up in the world.



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“Shakera’s mentorship and training has made dance so much more about just moves but truly about a form of self-expression, celebration and joy for me.”


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