Debbie K

I've experienced first hand how Shakera gets people excited about moving in a way that's unique in Toronto. Reggae, soca, latin and hip hop styles are blended with attention to technique, mechanics and rhythm. It's a definite workout and it feels so good!

Shakera leads a killer fitness class but her real service transcends that. She's had a direct influence on the joy, healing and health of hundreds of women. And as a fellow Canadian-Jamaican, I appreciate the positive representation and connection to Caribbean culture that her classes create. It's uplifting.



Jasmine L

“So In love with Shakera and her dance team. When she moves you see and feel her passion for dance and people! #superstar.”



Shynelle D.

To the amazing Shakera, I cannot explain how incredibly proud I am of my lil energizer bunny, it’s been an hour to watch your carnival passion transformed, and shared effortlessly with everyone in sight. You’ve created a community of active, confident, and empowered beings! Your vibrant essence has inspired dozens & dozens to feel and embrace their true beauty. Thank you for sharing your magnetic smile, island spirit and inspirational veins with the world... excited for more.

“I have to say it is an absolute pleasure watching you do what you love Shakera! You look so happy and clearly are touching many lives… it’s amazing to see the journey that you’ve had to walk to be the success you are today! Keep on smiling girl!”

— Manpreet C.


Alanna R

Shakera and her team are top notch in all respects- professional, well organized, high energy and very committed to making sure that everyone taking part has a great time.

You'll leave feeling energized, connected to other wonderful women and vibing to Caribbean rhythms.

All levels and abilities are welcomed and encouraged so don't feel constrained to participate in any way”.

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Lily Y.

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