Toronto Carnival Guide 2019


The Toronto Guide 2019

For Masqueraders

In case your wondering - yes that’s me in the photo above! Living out my glory in one of my favourite Toronto Carnival moments EVER! It was 2011, crossing the judging stage to ADVANTAGE by Machel Montano. Never saw that white rag again, popped the strap on that cute matching purse, and one of my lashes floated off into the horizon. Best moment ever… but it gets better… after parading with meh friends, going home to relax and sleep… I woke to the news that this photo was on the FRONT COVER OF THE TORONTO STAR!!!!!!!! THE FRONT COVER OF THE TORONTO STAR YALLL! Magic captured in real time.

It’s carnival season in Toronto so the city is buzzing with the Grand Parade only 10 days away! I am asked daily where to find this and that so I’ve compiled a list of a few Carnival - related business in the GTA that may help you, the masquerader, get ready for the road.

Back in the day most of these companies were unheard of leaving masqueraders to fend for themselves so I am proud to see how the carnival world is evolving. To the artists and business owners listed - I see you! Keep pushing doing what you love and keeping the culture alive. Enjoy the rest of your Toronto Carnival season.


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  • @werkdatdennis offers dance fitness in Brampton Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings.

  • @carnivalcurves offers carnival bootcamps and more across the GTA.

  • @CarnivalSpice offers Caribbean Dance Fitness and Carnival Choreography year round with a pop up dance work Friday, July 26th. Be sure to also visit to learn about their Caribbean Carnival entertainment services and child youth programs.

  • @islandwukout present #WukoutWednesday July 31st in Mississauga

  • The Fitlife Bootcamp; a dance fitness event featuring soca star FayAnn Lyons Aug. 1st in Scarborough


@thecollabovibe is a local distributor of @carnivalista products including fishnets, tights and pasties. Their main service is providing mas coverage of band launches and carnival - look out for them on the road.  

@carnival_queens_accessories offers bedazzled water bottles, flasks, cups, and more. See page for designs

@cleoluxe offers fanny packs, fishnets in all shades, sunglasses, and lashes

@mas.vlstockings are advertising fishnets with low waistbands. These are good for those of you wearing spider pants!

@carnivaldepot offers glitter fishnets and miles tights.

A few of the bands have fishnet and tight vendors at their mas camps too.


  • If taking the fishnet or tights approach, try to find a color to match your skin tone. It should blend!

  • The pantyhose you wear to the office or church is not the same. Carnival tights/fishnets don’t have seams and are a much thicker material.

  • You don’t have to wear fishnets by the way - it’s not mandatory. Many feel more comfortable in them or want to give their costume a little extra sparkle.

  • AND PLEASE STOP PULLING UP YOUR FISHNETS TOWARD YOUR BRA. That trend has passed and it has never been cute. The waistband of your fishnets should be covered either with your belt, costume panty or if applicable.

  • The masquerader (@bahayogi) on the left models exactly how the fishnets should be worn!

  • The model on the right is a NO!!!!!!!! The band needs to be lowered and the fishnet color is wrong. Black would only work if the costume was black or had black accents.



Carnival purses designed and handmade by Suzanna

She offers a variety of colors and currently has a sale going on. They are super cute.



Stylish hydration packs for carnival or music festivals. (So you don’t have to get the hideous ones from Canada Tire)


Fanny packs are the trend for the road

Locally, take a look at places like ardent, urban behaviour, stitches, or forever 21; the quality isn’t the best tho!

Make Up


Provide professionally-selected carnival makeup designed to match your costume in a compact kit!

Each kit is customized to your costume and includes:

  1. Glitter (x2 jars)

  2. Jewels (x2 sheets)

  3. Waterproof Cellphone Pouch

  4. Lash + Glue OR Glitter Primer

You can check out a recent interview they did we CP24:


Make Up Artists:


The photo is of some of Nikki’s work. She will be taking appointments on a first come first serve basis - connect with her to determine location.

@PreciselyYourPassion are providing carnival make up experiences including breakfast, photoshoot and more.

book online:

The accounts below I have never personally used before but they had quite attractive ads on IG. Nonetheless, sharing is caring:

@sholaseraphinabeauty offers brow styling and Caribana make up for Saldenah and Carnival Nationz

@facecandystudio limite slots remain.


Carnival Beauty Lounge at the Radisson Hotel @honeybeautyinc - cool idea!

  • They’re promoting a variety of things such Makeup application, photoshoot, and shuttle to parade.


  • If adding gems to your face from Dollarama; please place them INDIVIDUALLY not as the strip. Cute > Laziness.

  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face!!!


  • Unfortunately there aren’t many local boot vendors but with a quick google you’ll see a bunch of vendors pop up that sell online. Hopefully you have a friend with Amazon prime.

  • Running shoes or sneakers are always your best bet.

  • Unless you’ve done it before avoid sandals, heels, and flats.

  • ANY footwear you pick Comfort IS KEY! It should also match your costume. 

  • PS: Carnival is a time to be larger than life! Bedazzling your shoes is welcomed - dohhh hold back!

  • Designer and Carnival Beauty @fon_rose some great footwear style below:


Carnival Day Camp

Child Care Service For Masqueraders aged 4-12 years.

I believe registration deadline is July 26th - inquire ASAP.



A body positive movement to showcase and celebrate diversity in Caribbean Carnivals.

Use the hashtag #EverybodyPlayAhMas in your social posts to be a part of change.



Enjoy some of the best carnival coverage from this true masquerader.

She will more likely take your picture.

Couple More Tips Before I Go.

  • EAT BEFORE YOU GO ON THE ROAD - don’t rely on your band to feed you.

  • Leave the cards at home - cash is ideal

  • Invest in a battery pack for your phone. Reception is terrible along the route which quickly drains your battery.

  • Ensure you’re wearing good sunblock - costumes make for ugly tan lines


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