Keep It Simple


Keep It Simple

to Unlock A Happier & Healthier Life

Simply Shakera DEFINED:

SIMPLY”: to operate in a straightforward or plain manner; without embellishment or ambiguity.

SHAKERA”: Often spelt Shakira, is Arabic for “Fruitful & Flourishing”. One who is thankful , grateful to the creator and joyous.

There is peace in simplicity and space to really the many joys and blessings of life. We all are on a journey and I have come to learn that my journey involves “Shakera Martin” aligning with her simplest form... in essence aligning with “Simply Shakera”. Coming into alignment with things you are meant to do allows you to truly feel God’s grace. Once I became aware of this, a process of reprogramming, sacrifice, and self-discovery began… and continues!

Common areas where complexity showed up in my life:

  • The storage on my devices (Favourite line: “Your phone doesn’t have sufficient to take this photo).

  • There never seems to be “enough” room in my closets or drawers (Favourite line from friends and family: “When did you buy that shirt Shakera?).

  • Lingering to do list items.

  • Being silent when dealing with toxic people!

  • Poor eating habits!

  • Over and over and overthinking!!

Can you relate to any of these?

Simplicity means removing or eliminating what you can without making life difficult. It’s like getting rid of heavy stones that have been attached to you with chains.
— - Iyanla Vanzant

The journey to simplicity challenges you to free yourself of bells, whistles or gimmicks and forces you to be comfortable with the core of who you are and your greatness. In that state, your vibes are so high that you are unstoppable.  Let go of what no longer serves you, lead with love, heal the mind/body/spirit through daily practice. I am starting to face myself even more and deal with the core of who I am by questioning everything I have been taught to believe. Yes, this has brought about much discomfort but I trust that there is a healthier and EVEN happier Shakera on the other side.

Success for me during this process has come from comes from continuing to fill my life with things that bring me joy and keeping God at the center of all my decisions. My growing faith has shown me that I am meant to inspire, support, and motivate others as as I navigate through all the hills & valleys. That’s where the true healing lies and further that is how we can complete our true life’s work by providing service to others.

I challenge you to set an intention to simplify your life today on your own journey toward a happier and healthier life.

Below are few ways to initiate the process:

(1) Let go of things and people that no longer serve your growth

What weight must I RELEASE from my mind or space?

How can I show the universe that I am READY for new beginnings and new opportunity?

(2) Lead with energy

What activity brings my spirit UP? Who keeps my vibe HIGH when I am around them?

What am I ingesting daily and how is keeping my energy POSITIVE & PRODUCTIVE?

(3) Lead with passion

Ask yourself, what do I LOVE doing?

How can an I incorporate that thing in my life daily? Weekly? Monthly?

Now take action and be consistent!





Photo Details:

Photography: Bright Osei-Agyeman

Shoes: Aldo

Shirt: American Apparel

Shorts: Parasuco

Hair: Carlene’s Beauty Lounge

Make Up: ME!